Tuesday, January 15, 2013



I object. I object to the phrase "Yoga Bunny." Also to the use of the word "Detox."

I do not object to "Sparkling" or "Grape." I do not object to any of the four ingredients, nor the fact that there are only four ingredients.

I do object to this company being cagey about the nature of the drink's "Herb Infusions." And I object to the way it was pretty much flat (not very sparkly) when I opened the can.

I can't say that I object much to the taste. It's mostly grape, plus the tang of "can," and a bit of mystery. But I don't not object. It just didn't quite make it for me. Maybe if they'd delivered on the bubbles.



angela said...

Why did you try this drink? (was it free? It looks like something I would try if I got it free)

I really dislike "can" flavor.

betsy said...

Oh, I see you are blogging roughly as regularly as I am. Parenthood?

ladymoxie said...

Yoga bunny? Um bleh. The name would send me away instantly.

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