Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last Week at Smorgasburg - May 5, 2012

Smorgasburg 5/5 Smorgasburg 5/5
Mozz Shop (Danny Lyu of Cemita and Matt Lief of Landhaus) "Italian Corn Dog": sausage and fresh mozzarella in a polenta batter. This is a great item. The cheese is melty and the sausage divine.

Smorgasburg 5/5 Smorgasburg 5/5
Rose Verbena tea (without tapioca "bubbles") by ThirsTea. A little weak, but still refreshing.

 Smorgasburg 5/5 Smorgasburg 5/5
Shorty Tang and Sons cold sesame noodles. I overheard several people raving about these, and they sounded like a must-try. They didn't disappoint. A solid offering, without pretense. You get a good-sized portion for your money, too.

Smorgasburg 5/5 Smorgasburg 5/5
Peanut Butter Black and White Ice Cream Sandwich from The Good Batch: cocoa waffle cookies, housemade honey with peanut butter and sea salt, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  I couldn't taste the honey, but it was still good. The previous visit's lemon cookie ice cream sandwich is my favorite so far.

Smorgasburg 5/5 Smorgasburg 5/5
Spicy Pineapple Lemonade from The Stand. A bit odd, in a good way. Not too spicy. The beverages choices at Smorgasburg are just as exciting as the food.

Do you think I can manage to try something from every vendor by the end of the season?


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