Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not Pictured. < sigh >

Mr. Obama, give me back my sunflower seeds.

Y'all. I just got back from Barcelona, Spain. My Iberico ham was confiscated by US customs agents, which I half expected (though we bought it from Duty Free in the hopes that would be an approved source). I can handle it.

What I didn't expect? They also confiscated my unopened bag of bacon-flavored sunflower seeds. I had not even taken a photo of the package. Although I suggested that there was possibly no meat product of any sort in this snack (as I have found that many "bacon-flavored" things are artificially flavored), I was shown no mercy. The agent let us keep our brick of Manchego, but I ask you, is that justice?

I have to admit: I teared up a little. The reason I bought it? To share with you, my loyal readers. The brand name? "Bacon and Me." Great, right?

I guess I'll never know. Thanks a lot, America.



betsy said...

unrelated to food - saw you husband's design in an ad in Vogue!! I recognized it right away. Good job and congratulations.

Jennette said...

Thanks for mentioning it! We didn't know it was out yet. ;) I went and found it the other day, then heard it's also in Martha Stewart Living!

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