Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A few notes from the cookie jar...

Sleepy Fish
5 1/2 days old!

"Cookie" was my grandfather's nickname when he was a little boy (and, as he became an adult, people also called him Cook).

As of Thursday, March 24th at 12:34 pm -- a good time for lunch or anything delicious to come into one's life -- I have my own little boy "Cookie." Cook is his middle name, officially, and I hope my grandfather, who passed away in December and is very missed, would be pleased to know that.

This little boy is tantalizing and sweet, of course, but I'm also working out how to fit blogging into my new routine.  I have no intention of quitting the snacks, so fit it in I will.  And, I realized, a new vista of snacking has opened up before me once the kid is on solid food.  How exciting!

Coincidentally also regarding cookies (and also of the non-edible variety), Rachel's 2 1/2 year old daughter was playing with my phone last night.  She and I enjoy the app Cookie Doodle.  It's pretty fun.  You can (virtually) bake, decorate, and eat a whole cookie jar's worth of treats.

Here's a photo I found in my inbox this morning.  I guess my little friend accidentally emailed it to me (she's smart, but not smart enough to have done it on purpose).  It features just a few of the cookies we've made using this app.



betsy said...

Babies are not edible, but that one does look heart-meltingly sweet! Congratulations! How wonderful!

Alana said...

Congratulations! So glad to hear all is well. Cook(ie) is adorable. And I bet he smells delicious.

Jennette said...

Thanks, Betsy and Alana! I am so glad someone still reads this blog after my pregnant and postpartum neglect of it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the baby! I know you're a food blogger, but can you share more about the home birth experience? Did you do vaccinations and vitamin shots? Were you all organic during pregnancy? Thanks for answers! Best wishes!

Jennette said...

Thanks, anonymous guest! We've decided to do all the recommended vaccinations, but as "low and slow" as our pediatricians will allow -- meaning that I'd like to avoid getting lots of shots in any one visit. I'd rather have more appointments. We did have the baby given Vitamin K when he was born, too, and chose injection (oral was also an option given to us by our midwife). I was NOT organic during pregnancy, but I drank organic milk and tried to choose organic fruits and vegetables when I could (including when I could afford it). If you look back through this site, though, you'll see that I also ate a lot of junk and several Fish Filets. ;)

If you have specific questions about the home birth (or more questions in general), feel free to email me at snackreligious @ gmail. But, in general, I was really happy with the homebirth experience, loved my midwife and doula, and would do it again -- despite the fact that I had a surprise breech baby (which was scary)!

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